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#8 to 600 MCM Copper U-Style Die Kit

#8 to 600 MCM Copper U-Style Die Kit

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The M18 FORCE LOGIC 600 MCM Crimper is the Most Accurate Way to Crimp producing cULus classified crimps according to the UL 486A-B classification standards for #8 - 600 MCM Cu and #8-350 MCM Dual Rated Anderson, Blackburn(R), Burndy, Ilsco, Panduit, Penn-Union and Thomas & Betts Connectors. Utilizing Milwaukee U Style Dies that feature vivid wire size markings, industry standard color markings and imprint wire size onto the connector after crimp completion, Commercial Electricians benefit from its ease of use and easy inspection. For use with 2679-20, M18(TM) Force Logic(TM) 600 MCM Crimper and 49-16-U000 M18(TM) 600 MCM U Style Jaw Crimping Jaw.

100% inspected for critical dimensions and serialized: ensures crimp quality
Wire size marked on each die: easy identification
Vivid color coding: easiest selection
Die size pressed into connector, matches wire size: eliminates cross referencing
Stainless steel finish: protects against corrosion
Includes: 49-16-U008C, 49-16-U006C, 49-16-U004C, 49-16-U002C, 49-16-U001C, 49-16-U01AC, 49-16-U02AC, 49-16-U03AC, 49-16-U04AC, 49-16-U250C, 49-16-U300C, 49-16-U350C, 49-16-U400C, 49-16-U500C, 49-16-U600C, 49-16-CASE

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